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Vertemati's history: an italian and swedish tale

The title can be deceitful: Alvaro and Guido are really italians, they were born and grown up in Ponte di Triuggio, in Brianza, near Monza.
Their father and uncle owned a workshop and they were both excellent pilots during the post-war period; so the two brothers became very interested in motors and competitions. Guido took part in the Motorbike's Championship 500.
At the same time, their cousins Frigerio, were producing regular and cross bikes with the brand Puch.
In the last years of the Guido's agonistic career, he preferred to run with Husqvarna, so that the relation with the swedish brand became a trade relation.
When the Electrolux stopped the production of bikes and allocated the brand to Cagiva in 1986, the Vertemati came into the Husaberg, a new brand, where some ex technics Husqvarna had moved.
For ten years, they were partners of the Head Office, they were importers for Italy and the team run for Enduro and Cross.
Then Vertemati started to develop prototypes by themselves, which were driven by Joel Smets for the Motorbike's Championship 500.
The relation with Husaberg was broken, when the name of Vertemati was put on the tank. This relation was already worn out by several technical and commercial mistakes, that forced the swedish to sell their brand to KTM.
Many people were interested in the brave project of the two brothers (including a Japanese firm) and in the end, everything was sold to VOR. After this experience, the two brothers decided to use their own name, to create a bike full of all their experiences.
So, after a year, the C 500 was born.
The bike is produced and sold by the two brothers Vertemati. At the end of the year 2000, Vertemati Moto srl, which produces all the models of the two brothers, was established.
All started by joke: Guido Vertemati took a Husaberg from the stock, stripped down the lights and the number-plate, and called Walter Bartolini ( brother of the famous Andrea).
Few days after, the two were in the 1000 Dollars paddock of the Marches.
The results were so excellent, that the two brothers understood that the 2T was out of date in 500.
The intuition was not only exact, but marked the beginning of a new era. Also japanese producers have chosen for the 4T.
For ecological image, first Yamaha and now Honda, have specialized models, which in a few years will replace the 2T. Who would ever imagined this, in those far-off days of the Marches in 1987?

In the far 1993 our first project...

The second project...

The third project...

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